Practice Areas

Family Law

Goggin & Associates’ attorneys are highly skilled at representing clients in matters of:

Dissolution of a marriage can be complex and traumatic. Our clients benefit from our combination of reasoned, objective advice and aggressive advocacy.

Child Custody
Perhaps the most emotionally charged area of family law, our lawyers balance clients’ wishes with their best interests and their children’s.

Child Support
In Illinois, child support is regulated by statute, and usually is available until a child turns 18 or graduates high school, with some exceptions. Support guidelines range, and can be subject to judicial discretion in certain circumstances.

Property Division
Can be a very complicated aspect of divorce. Our lawyers are experienced at valuing marital property and establishing an equitable distribution.

Maintenance (Spousal Support)
Calculating payments from one spouse to another after divorce can be contentious. Our lawyers work to find equitable solutions.

Post-Decree Matters
Situations often change after the final divorce decree. Our attorneys represent new and previous clients in modifications of child support, custody, visitation and other areas.

Uncontested Divorce
Goggin & Associates can quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, inexpensively prepare all necessary dissolution documents – including Joint Parenting Orders, for speedy divorces when both spouses can reach agreement on all matters relating to the dissolution.

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Civil Litigation

Goggin & Associates is a highly skilled litigation firm whose trial lawyers have successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants in the following areas:

Consumer Fraud

Breach of Contract

Personal Injury

Workers Compensation


Premises Liability (Slip and Fall)

Employment Discrimination

Self Storage Actions

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Mechanics Lien Actions

Will Contests

Trust and Estate Litigation

The lawyers at Goggin & Associates are ready to give you the quality, seasoned legal help you deserve. We understand that often, a person’s legal issues carry heavy emotional burdens. We listen carefully, then objectively analyze your case and explain your rights, your obligations and suggest reasonable expectations given the merits of your case.

Many areas of law do not allow for contingent fee arrangements. In those instances, Goggin & Associates will pragmatically assess the financial aspect of your case, and work with you to structure payment options you can afford.

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