About Us

Goggin & Associates is a litigation based law firm specializing in the areas Civil and Family Law.

Located in Oak Brook, Illinois, the lawyers at Goggin & Associates boast over 45 years combined experience helping clients pursue or defend their legal issues.

Goggin & Associates’ attorneys take great pride in the superior level of service and attention provided to every client. Whether it comes to scheduling appointments that best fit your work/life schedule, working out fee payment plans, or simply being available for questions, Goggin & Associates will work with you to achieve your goals.

The lawyers at Goggin & Associates will listen to your legal issue, analyze the different options available to resolve it, then discuss each one and recommend the best course of action –one designed to achieve the best results possible, in the shortest amount of time, for the lowest cost possible.

One common misunderstanding new clients have is the idea of contingent fees, (the old, “We don’t get paid unless you get paid,” slogan). Not every case can be handled on a contingent fee. In those instances, Goggin & Associates maintains some of the most competitive hourly rates in the field, including flat fees in certain circumstances. We work with all our clients to establish manageable payment plans, and accept Visa and MasterCard.

Call us today to schedule your free initial consultation at (630) 573-0606 or email us at [email protected].

Whether you need help with a divorce, were injured at work, are being sued or have child support issues, set up your appointment today so we can start helping you!